March 2019 Specials on Frozen Vegetables in George

March 2019 Specials Frozen Foods

March 6, 2019

Written by Wilma Burger

March 2019 Specials on Frozen Vegetables in George

March 2019 Specials on Frozen Vegetables in George

March 2019 Specials at Frozen Foods Foods Factory Shop George

From 6 to 15 March 2019 you can buy a selection of frozen vegetables other frozen products and grated cheese from the Frozen Foods Factory Shop in George at great prices. They also have specials on a selection of slightly dented canned fruit and vegetables.

  • Season Harvest Sweet Potato R22.90/kg
  • Season Harvest Mixed Vegetables R21.90/kg
  • Season Harvest Julienne Carrots R15.50/kg
  • Season Harvest Dice Carrots R15.50/kg
  • Season Harvest Marrow R39.50/2kg
  • Season Harvest Butternut R22.90/kg
  • Season Harvest Broccoli and Cauliflower R26.50/kg
  • Season Harvest Baby Carrots and Peas R28.90/kg
  • Season Harvest Baby Carrots R27.90/kg
  • Sliced mushrooms R21.00/500g
  • Crumbed chicken burgers R53.90/kg incl
  • Pork meaty bones R46.50/2kg incl
  • Crushed garlic R14.90/250g incl
  • Chicken nuggets R53.90/kg incl
  • Lancewood grated cheddar R87.00/kg incl

Canned Fruit and Vegetables (Please note cans are slightly dented)

  • 420g Pears @ R5.00
  • 420g Apricot @ R5.00
  • 825g Peach @ R10.00
  • 420g Sweetcorn, Blackbeans and Curry veg @ R7.90 ea
  • Pears, Peaches, Apricot and Cocktail | 420g from R6.50 to R9.00 & 825gr from R11.00 to R15.00
  • All 420g vegetables @ R8.50 ea
    Tomato relish, Mix veg, Mild/Hot and spicy Chakalaka, Curry veg, Tomato and onion, Mediterranean mix, Indian mix, Chopped tomato, Chic peas, Pink lady beans, Italian mix, Puree, Sweet corn, Whole kernel and more

More Specials in Store, specials valid while stock last

Wilma Burger
Author: Wilma Burger

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