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Wings Fitness Studio


Fitness Studio in Mossel Bay

Wings Fitness Studio is an owner-run fitness studio centrally located in Voorbaai Mossel Bay. The owners of Wings Fitness are passionate about fitness and improving the quality of life and invite you to become part of the Wings Fitness team. They cater for all individuals and families, young and old.

Wings Fitness in Mossel Bay offers the following:

  • Spinning Classes
  • Pilates Classes
  • Personal Training
  • Weight loss and Nutrition
  • Sport Massages

Spinning Classes at Fitness Studio in Mossel Bay

Wings Fitness Studio offers spinning classes at their studio in Mossel Bay. Spinning is not only a great cardiovascular workout; it also builds up endurance, strengthens the core and tones your muscles.

Pilates Classes at Fitness Studio in Mossel Bay

Whether you want to improve flexibility, build strength or lose weight, Pilates is a safe and efficient form of exercise for all. Pilates allows for different exercises to be modified in range of difficulty from beginning to advance or to any other level. Classes consist of small groups with well-trained instructors attending to every individual’s special needs. Private Pilates sessions by prior arrangement.

32Gi Sports Nutrition available in Mossel Bay

32Gi Sports Nutrition is an endurance supplement that provides high quality balanced and sustainable energy supplements. Wings Fitness Studio is a proud ambassador and supplier of this top quality sports and endurance supplement in Mossel Bay.

Sport Massages at Fitness Studio in Mossel Bay

Wings Fitness Studio offers professional sports massages as well as full body, legs/neck/back, deep tissue and lymph drainage massages. Wings Fitness Studio also offers recovery massages after sports events.

Weekly Schedule of Wings Fitness in Mossel Bay

Wings Fitness Studio Mossel Bay’s weekly schedule is running from Mondays to Fridays with classes starting at 05h15 daily with the last class of the day at 18h15 (13:00 on Fridays). One on one sessions are per appointment only.