NO Commission Payable When Making Bookings via the Lalakoi Websites

July 7, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Garden Route News

No Commission payable when booking with Lalakoi

Direct Bookings on Lalakoi Websites

No Commission payable when booking with Lalakoi

Will you pay more for an item if you can pay less and save money? The answer to this question is very easy. No!

Dealing directly via the Lalakoi websites, holds more advantages than just saving money and time.

  • Booking directly in many cases will save you money. There is no middle man, in other words you do not have to pay commission.
  • You will be able to negotiate directly with accommodation and activity providers and be assured that you will get firsthand information regarding your planned booking.
  • The chances of getting unpleasant surprises are eliminated as there is no 3rd party involved to lead to a misunderstanding regarding your booking.
  • In some cases you can also negotiate special rates directly with management.
  • The wise thing to do is to Book Direct and save.