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Top Tint

Window Tinting in George

Top Tint in George offers a professional window tinting service.  They are part of the AutoPower SA group, a one stop for vehicle accessories, in George that is known for the quality service, products and top class workmanship offered by the experienced team.  Top Tint offers window tinting for residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as automotive tinting.

Residential, Commercial and Automotive Window Tinting in George

Window tinting for residential, commercial and industrial properties as well as automotive hold many advantages. This range from enhancing privacy to safety, protection and even energy saving. Window tinting offers 99% UV Protection, 99% heat rejection and is fade and corrosion free. The interior, carpets and even curtains are protected and just think of the savings on your electricity bill with lower air conditioning costs.  A 15 year warranty on the product and workmanship is offered. Contact Top Tint in George for a quotation.

Smash and Grab Vehicle Window Tinting in George

Protect your vehicle and yourself with Smash and Grab Window Tinting. Top Tint in George will apply this popular product to your vehicle. Protect yourself, the interior of your vehicle and your skin while driving or just sitting in a car. Window tinting strengthens the window and makes it more difficult to break; it also protects you from glass splinters when in an accident.

Non Stick Window Treatments now Available in George

Top Tint in George also offers Non Stick Window Treatments. This unique window surface treatment will reduce the cleaning cost and time of window surfaces.  The non stick Polymer protection technology is ideal for homes, hotels, businesses, showrooms, display units and has even been used on cruise ships.

Reversed Osmosis Window Cleaning in George

Top Tint ROCS offers businesses and home owners in George and throughout the Garden Route an easy, effective and safe window cleaning solution. The Water Fed Pole technology using the Reverse Osmosis Cleaning System they use brings back the sparkle in any window no matter how high. 100% pure water obtained through the Reverse Osmosis system is used to clean your windows. No chemicals are used, no streaking on windows and no damage to walls and garden area.

Aluminum Garden Screens in George

Top Tint also supplies high quality powder coated aluminum Garden Screens. These are great for gates, decorative grids, partitioning, balcony railings, accent walls and much more. Screens are available in different designs and colours and come in 1.5 x 1.05 size wooden frames.


Short Description

Top Tint in George offers a professional window tinting and service for the residential, commercial and automotive markets.

Telephone No. + 27 44 874 6303
Town George
Physical Address 110 Merriman Street, George
Country South Africa
State/Province Western Cape
Distance: 0 Kilometers
Address 110 Merriman Street, George, South Africa
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