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The Workshop

The Workshop

Vehicle Service Centre in Mossel Bay

The Workshop is a professional fully equipt work shop and vehicle service centre, centrally located in Voorbaai Mossel Bay. The owner of The Workshop, Leonard Muller has more than 20 years experience in the industry and together with his well trained team offers prompt and reliable service and excellent workmanship. The Workshop offers vehicle servicing and repairs on all vehicle makes and models, as well as on trucks, busses, tractors and motor cycles. They offer Bosch Vehicle Diagnostics.

Vehicle Mechanical Repairs Mossel Bay

Whether your vehicle is in need of a general service or there is a mechanical default that needs to be repaired, The Workshop is your best option. They offer all mechanical repairs, engine rebuilds, cylinder head gaskets, repairs or replacement of gearboxes, diffs, clutches, HDV’s and LDV’s as well as brakes and radiators. Visit The Workshop Mossel Bay for expert service and advice.
For all your welding requirements, contact The Workshop in Mossel Bay. Their services include all general welding.

24 Hour Break-down Towing in Mossel Bay

Don’t panic next to the road when your vehicle breaks down, The Workshop offers a 24 hour Break-down Towing service within 100kms from Mossel Bay.
The Workshop in Mossel Bay is accredited by Miwa (4 star rating) and registered with RMI, SA Warranties, Impac and Motorite.
Trading Hours:
  • Mondays to Fridays from 08h000 – 17h00
  • Saturdays – only available on call out. No call out fee charged on Saturdays

Address: 6 Rooken Smith Street, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay

Short Description

The Workshop is a professional fully equipt work shop and vehicle service centre, centrally located in Voorbaai Mossel Bay.

Telephone No. 044 695 0584
Cell. No. 076 599 3744
Town Mossel Bay
Physical Address 6 Rooken Smith Street, Voorbaai, Mossel Bay
Country South Africa
State/Province Western Cape
Distance: 0 Kilometers
Address 6 Rooken Smith Street, Die Voor Bay, Mossel Bay
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  1. Samuel Kasereka Misemengo said on July 20, 2019 12:10 pm:


    Dear Garage Owner / Manager

    Greetings to you (I got your particulars from Google; Internet searching…),

    It’s with great expectation and sorrow of heart that I’m requesting the subject in line addressed… I did enquire from Mercedes-Benz House in Pacaltzdorp (Stanmar) in George; that charged a farm price that I had to leave their premises bitterly disappointed and humiliated, tail between the legs, like a stray dog…

    I own my 2nd Mercedes Benz that I bought from a coastal area in South Africa (rust) and that needs serious attention; VIN & Identification is It’s the ADB 123 223 6012 9428, additionally the vehicle’s registration number is VNT 727 C, the number plate will soon change, as bought from a George resident to me (Oudtshoorn); it’s still on CAW 88475.

    I love classic MERCEDES-BENZ and I believe in them like iron and concrete as, these cars have saved my life (body limbs on more than one occasions).

    The commercial value of the one I’m pleading for is probably below R20000, however their engineering value is timeless as it defies the passage of time and the subsequent ensuing so-called technological developments; these cars were built with moral integrity and considerations and an unprecedented authoritative scientific engineering.

    My car needs:

    • Star Badge & Headlights & Front Bumper

    • Front Passenger’s Door Fixing

    • Welding on the body (here and there, Straightening of Chassis, if required)… – to combat the invading rust

    • Revamping the electrical system (loom) for headlights and indicators

    • Air filters, callipers, checking on the CV joints, 2 Spare wheel, Jack, Replacement of Differential and Engine Oil, New Radiator, Power Steering Wheel Cable, Upper and Lower Control Arm Checking and Possible Replacement, Ascertaining the Brake Master Cylinder is in order, New Brake Pads, Top Gasket Replacement, New Plugs, Fixing Hydraulics Braking System (Snapping Braking Pedal) Flushing off of the Petrol Tank and New Full Exhaust System with Two Silencer Boxes

    • Body Work (Straightening, Primer and Cream Colour for Body Spray)

    • Rubberizing and Sealing of all Conduits (To Minimize Exterior Friction and Cabin Irritating Noise on High Speed – noting that this Vehicle has over 400000 Km on the Clock and would like to drive it for 3 more years) before I sent it to an honourable retirement

    Please forgive my digression, but the previous similar one hit 850000Km under my care and that was the convincing point (moment of truth and realisation that MERCEDES-BENZ was DIFFERENT).

    • Changing of Seats and Installing of a Modern-day Sound System (USB / Bluetooth Compatible)

    Please advise on costs and duration of the work, this car is an extension of my personality.

    I thank you immensely.

    Yours Faithfully.

    Samuel Kasereka Misemengo; Owner.

    1. Christelle Kleynhans said on July 23, 2019 4:21 pm:

      Good Day Samuel,

      I have sent the request to The Workshop.

      Kind Regards,