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Smitties Numberplates

Smitties Numberplates

Number Plates in George

Smitties Numberplates in George has been supplying vehicle number plates to car dealers and the general public since 1996.  Smitties Numberplates are up to date with the latest rules and regulations ensuring that your number plate is printed and fixed on your vehicle according to the latest South African laws. South African number plates are unique in each of the provinces. Smitties Numberplates can supply number plates for any of the provinces.  

Vehicle Number Plates in the Southern Cape

Smitties Numberplates in the Southern Cape of South Africa makes  vehicle number plates for all vehicles.  Your ID Document and Vehicle Registration Papers are required when ordering your new number plates. They manufacture number plates for all provinces in plastic and aluminum.

Number Plates for Weddings and Matrix Farewells in the Garden Route

As manufactures of vehicle number plates in the Garden Route Smitties Numberplates also makes number plates for special occasions.  Number Plates for weddings and matrix farewells can be made in various colours and styles. You can now even have pink or blue number plates on your vehicle for that special event.  These custom made number plates can also be used for notices and signs in your office or home.

Illuminations Soy Candles in George

Illuminations Soy Candles which can be used to fragrance a room, as a hand lotion, cuticle treatment and for massages are also available from Smitties Numberplates. These candles are 100% natural bio degradable and completely non-toxic.


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Contact Smitties Numberplates in George for all your vehicle number plate requirements, they also make number plates for weddings and matrix farewells.

Telephone No. +27 44 874 0351
Cell. No. +27 84 502 9683
Town George
Physical Address 139 Hope Street, George
Country South Africa
State/Province Western Cape
Distance: 0 Kilometers
Address 139 Hope Street, George, South Africa
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