Lalakoi Printed Media

Sometimes a business or part of a business starts by accident or a co-incident. This happened late 2004 in Lalakoi. During this time we had the Lalakoi Coffee Shop and Lalakoi Tourism Information Office that was interleading. To promote local “things to do and places to visit”, placemats for the coffee shop were designed with photographs and descriptions of various activities and attractions. Within the first couple of weeks we realized that these placemats, although a great idea and very popular was not economical. Our guests took these informative place mats with them… We then realized the need for some sort of printed guide containing information on “things to do and places to visit” in the area. The first Lalakoi printed publication was released late November 2004. Since that very first black and white publication we have successfully published more than 20 Lalakoi printed publications. The Lalakoi publications now include 3 annual publications that are available in hardcopy as well as online. A large number of businesses gain by advertising through Lalakoi, being it on our online directories, in our printed publications or having their websites developed and managed by us. The secret is staying informed and adapting to the latest technology.

The image below is from our first Publication way back in 2004. Click on the image to see how we started.

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